Wired Xbox 360 Controller Driver Windows 10

Wired Xbox 360 Controller Driver

My wired xbox 360 won't work with Windows 10 (64-bit). It's NOT a 3rd party controller. Realtek Drivers Windows 10. I've tried downloading the drivers from the Microsoft website, but it doesn't do anything. Here's what's going on: I plug in the controller and here's the notification I get: So then I go to Device Manager and here's what I see Then I right click the 'Unknown USB Device' and 'Update Driver Software'. Then I 'Browse my computer for driver software'. Then I select the option I circled in blue. And I'm supposed to see an option for an xbox 360 controller, but I don't.

Here's what I get: I uncheck 'show compatible hardware', but still no xbox, nor anything microsoft/gamepad/etc under the Manufacturer: I've been told I could Add Legacy Hardware in the Device Manager Add legacy hardware. It takes me to this: I click next and select the bottom option: Then I scroll down the list on the next page and see Xbox Peripherals. I thought I might have found it by this point. Install Unsigned Drivers Windows 10 more. I select Xbox Peripherals and click next, but then the next page ends up blank: I've spent too much time on 100 different forums looking for a solution for this problem. I've rebooted, and even completely reinstalled Windows 10. Microsoft support took too long and has been useless to me. Any help would be fine.