Windows 10 Install Driver Missing

Windows 10 Install Driver Missing

1) Download and install (Windows 10 Install - Media driver missing). Reinstall Touchpad Driver Windows 10 here. 2) Upon installation, DriverAgent Plus will Scan your PC for missing and out-of-date device drivers. Windows 10 Clean install. A Media driver your computer needs is missing. Media driver is missing' - Windows 10 Installation Error Message.

Hello, I thought by rolling my windows 10 back to previous clean settings would fix problems that I had before, so I did it by going on 'Reset Pc' or something similar. It worked on my windows 8.1 before. My Tablet restarted and ended in endless loop of restarting, giving me error message(inaccessible boot device) and shutting down. I had no other choice but to Download Windows 10 to my Usb Drive from other Pc and install it from there. I was lucky enough to still have the Windows. Magic Mouse 2 Driver For Windows 10. old.000 folder which contained my product key for Windows 10.

Now basically my Device Manager shows me only 'standard drivers' that Windows 10 came up with. I have no drivers for everything. Not even battery. Things i tried: Intel Driver Update Utility - doesnt work, nothing new appears. Updating from device manager - doesnt work, due to missing drivers that wont even appear. Downloading one of those 'all drivers programms'.

- doesnt work, nothing showed up, uninstallled Windows Update downloaded everything it could.(I assume) Downloaded Intel Chipset Device Software Version 10.0.27 from - made no difference Screenshot of Device Manager: What is this Desktop KPDPBR0, I never had it before, never seen it before. I dont remember having all those drivers. I dont recognize them.