Windows 10 Driver Optimizer Keeps Popping Up

Windows 10 Driver Optimizer Keeps Popping Up

Hi Connie, Thanks for posting your query on Microsoft Community. As per your query, I like to inform you that; Driver optimizer is a build in features of Windows Operating system. One of the best ways you can improve your PC's performance is by optimizing the drive. Usb Slim Portable Optical Drive Driver Windows 10 there. To know about Driver optimizer, refer to the below link: Note: Applies to Windows 10 as well. Hope it helps, reply to us with the status of your issue.

If you’re one out of the Windows 10 user, who wants to know “Is the Windows 10 Driver Optimizer a legit download? While other saying that they received a pop-up from Windows telling you to install Windows 10 driver optimization.

We will be happy to assist you. Thanks and Regards, Santosh Kumar Rai. Nvidia Geforce 430 Drivers Windows 10. Microsoft Support Engineer. Xhis is a rant about how vexing using windows has become.

If you don't want to read about my problems, move on. But I am not the only one I am sure. Ive used windows since day one and was happiest at about the time office (word and power point did plenty and helped my advance my career. Windows was simpler, it did not come with every other app that paid MS $ to take up space, and finally the year or 2 before you bought Visio basic and pretended it was from Ms., another 2 hours searching ends up in someone (not Microsoft) explaining why system otimization says 78% defragmented needs optimization, but does nothing when you click on it.

This is windows 10. Why are 1st answers all for another version? As Ive said for years, 30 to 40% of my time on Windows OS is spent cleaning, fixing, defragmentig, evaluating and buying non-MS software to help me, trying to clean out what I don't need but not knowing what the MS names mean, etc. I must be the only one. Since windows defaults to turning on live tiles I do not want, I assume they use zero memory or resource on my pc.