Roxio Video Capture Usb Windows 10 Driver

Hp Officejet 6500 Scanner Driver Windows 10 there. I'm trying to help a friend who had to reinstall Windows. He has a Roxio USB capture device, but lost the installation disc. I was able to find what appear to be raw OEM chipset drivers by probing at the raw USB device info & googling for the matching chip IDs (installed w/o errors, & shows up in device mgr. As 3 working usb devices), but *nothing* I've tried recognizes it as a video capture device (, Ulead/Corel X5, and ).

I'm guessing that what I'm seeing might be an OEM FIFO chip driver for a generic usb interface chip sitting between the PC & some unknown MPEG-2 encoder ASIC, and something more might be needed to communicate with an encoder ASIC sitting behind it & finish the job. For what it's worth, Roxio won't sell him a replacement disc, because a new version is available & they won't sell the old one. Windows 10 Driver Optimizer Keeps Popping Up here. Their 'generous' upgrade offer is ~$10 more than it would cost to toss it in the trash & buy a brand new one from Amazon. Is it totally hopeless, or is there some way to make the device work under Linux or Windows independently of Roxio's rip-off VHS-to-DVD software? Kdenlive under Linux Mint 12 thinks it's a 15fps 320x200 webcam that doesn't work, and a few hours on Google turned up nothing to suggest it isn't a worthless paperweight at this point. My first instinct is to toss it as junk, but he insists it actually did a good job & is worth saving.

Roxio Video Capture Usb Driver 2861