Oculus Rift Drivers Windows 10

Oculus Rift Drivers Windows 10

Oculus Support Center. Choose the Oculus device you want to learn more about. Oculus Rift Sensor Driver is a software program developed by Oculus VR. The setup package is about 1.18 MB (1,241,088 bytes) when donwloaded. Windows 10 Home.

I've just got my DK2, I couldn't make it work either. I tried the Runtime 0.8, it didn't work, so I took the 0.7, and it didn't work either. Acer Laptop Drivers Windows 10. I'm on a laptop with WIndows 10 (config: Intel core i3 + Nvidia GeForce 820M). And before you say anything: it's not because of my configuration. Indeed: I've made it work! Hp Deskjet 2542 Driver For Windows 10. So, here is an advice for those who can't run the DK2 on Windows 10: take the Oculus Runtime 0.4.

It works perfectly. And maybe the 0.6 also works, I haven't tried yet (after hours spent trying to make it work, I just want to play now, enough crash-testing for me!). Also, I'd like to report this to the devs: the problem clearly comes from the Runtimes. So, maybe it's a bug? Maybe not, still it's kind of weird: the only Runtimes that don't work on Windows 10 are the ones that should be working on it! I understand, still so many people had problems playing the Rift on Windows 10 with the latest Runtimes. Hp 1320 Windows 10 Driver there.

So, if they can't use those, I'd still advice them to use previous Runtimes, so that they can enjoy the Rift without problems. But I don't really get it: why are they not working, concretely?

I mean, what makes those Runtimes different from the previous ones? And why were those changes necessary? Isn't there a way to make those changes with a less power-hungry software such as the previous Runtimes? Since the goal of Oculus is to make VR popular, it's a shame to have reduced the number of potential players. So many people could play with their weak laptops/PCs, if it weren't for those Runtimes!