Nvidia Gt 520 Driver Windows 10

Nvidia Geforce Gt 520 Driver For Windows 10

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I am having trouble upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10. I cannot get past the upgrade assistant's check for hardware(video display).It is telling me I should contact the manufacturer(Nvideo) for help. I have gone to the Nvideo website and found that on 14 July 2016 an update became available for my type of card(GT520) supporting Windows 10. It appears that upgrade assistant is not yet aware of this. There seems to be no way to get past upgrade assistent, install Windows 10 and than manually install Windows 10 driver for the GT520.

I have done Windows 10 upgrade on my laptop which was a smooth ride. Broadcom Bcm4352 Driver Windows 10. Thanks once again for your input.just to make sure I contacted Nvideo.