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Hi, I have a NDIS 6.2 based driver and i am porting it to various flavors of Windows such as Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. I find that there is significant info for porting NDIS 6.x drivers for Windows 8 (NDIS 6.3) and Windows 8.1 (NDIS 6.4), however, i am unable to find appropriate NDIS info for Windows 10 as the NDIS version is not very clearly mentioned for Windows 10. Canon Mg7500 Driver Windows 10 on this page. I find that wikipedia has a mention of NDIS 10 for Windows 10 as in below link:. However, i am unable to find a mention of it in the MSDN. I continued my search and landed up in a stackoverflow discussion where NDIS 10 is ruled out, but NDIS 6.5 is mentioned as in below link:. Windows 10 Nvidia Drivers Won T Install. However, i find that the main NDIS migration link in MSDN does not even talk about 6.5:. Do we have a version of NDIS that is 6.5 for Windows 10?