Load Driver Windows 10

Load Driver Windows 10

Your current edition of Windows Windows 10 edition. Note: Drivers for Surface devices may be found on the Download drivers and firmware for Surface page. Canon Mf4270 Driver Windows 10 here.

I recently upgraded my desktop PC from Windows 8.1 x64 Pro to Windows 10 x64 Pro. I have a Logitech BT mouse (model M-RCQ142) and a Belkin F8T016 BT USB dongle, and never had any problems with this combination on Win 8.1.

With Win 10, the BT mouse sometimes does not work when the PC is powered on (perhaps every third or fourth boot), and when this happens, the Belkin dongle shows up in device manager with a yellow exclamation mark, and the system log contains a warning event from BTHUSB saying 'A command sent to the adapter has timed out. The adapter did not respond. Asus Driver Windows 10 here. ' , followed by an error event from BTHUSB saying 'The local Bluetooth adapter has failed in an undetermined manner and will not be used. The driver has been unloaded.' At this point, if I disable the dongle in device manager and then enable it, the driver loads without any error. However, the BT mouse still won't work until I open Settings, select Devices, Bluetooth, select the BT mouse and click 'Remove device', then let it be found again and pair it.

It then works, but this whole process is a total PITA to have to perform when it happens (I also have to scrounge a USB mouse from another machine to go through these steps). I got Device Manager to search online for updated device software for the dongle, but it scans online and tells me that I already have the best driver software for the device installed. Any suggestions on how to prevent the driver from sometimes not loading correctly?