Liteon Drivers Windows 10

Liteon Drivers Windows 10

Jan 05, 2016 lost Lite-on CD/DVD burner suddenly My CD/DVD burner disappeared from the File. Looking at your motherboard shows no new system drivers for Windows 10. S4 Windows 10 Driver. Lexmark X6650 Driver For Windows 10.

My day is just beginning so I haven't got to studying your suggestions yet but I did notice that I can see and look at the CD/DVD drive in Linux Mint. I do not have the ability to burn right yet as It takes an additional program in Mint to burn a disk. Will be at it in a couple hours. I spent a couple hours looking for drivers including at the Lite-on site. I do not think that there are any drivers there for my CD/DVD drive.

Lite-on provided a shortcut to a site that offered a pay for program to update drivers. Yesterday I had tried to uninstall the CD/DVD driver in the device manager. Looking through the link above I seen that it asked to remove more than I did so I followed the links directions and shutdown and booted up. The ITE ATA drivers reinstalled OK but the CD/DVD drivers did not reinstall. Nothing CD/DVD shows in the device manager anymore.

I will be back at it in a few hours. I must tend to some other business today. Pci Serial Port Driver Windows 10 Hp. The CD/DVD door opens but it does not show anywhere.

Remember that I can look at he CD/DVD drive in Mint and transfer files from the drive to an internal folder. First thing when I got home was to check the three driver update programs I had found including the one Lite-on gave me a shortcut to. They all found from seven to twelve drivers that needed to be updated and all cost thirty dollars a year to use.

None showed the CD/DVD burner. I do not like fixing things that are not broke. Next I read over some ideas from yesterday and decided to try running Microsoft's trouble shooter again. The trouble shooter fixed my problem. It looks like I had to uninstall all ITE ATA drivers and the CD/DVD drivers, scan for hardware changes and then run the troubleshooter again.