Jungo Driver Windows 10

Hp Pci Serial Port Driver Windows 10. Hello, I'm new to this forum and I tried unsuccessfully to locate a similar question. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Drivers For Windows 10 here. I'm hoping someone can help. I recently purchased an ATMEL development system (i.e. Programmer) to program microcontrollers.

Jungo Sct Driver For Windows 10

When I first plugged this programmer into the USB of my PC, it automatically installs a USB plug & play driver called 'Jungo Connectivity'. According to the ATMEL discussion groups, this driver sometimes doesn't install correctly on the 1st attempt, needs to be removed and re-installed. When I go into the Device Manager, I can see an entry for 'Jungo Connectivity' which has a drop-down arrow beside it.

When I view the contents of Jungo, I see another driver called 'WinDriver'. I can easily right-click to uninstall WinDriver but not Jungo Connectivity.

I assumed this might be enough to allow the driver to automatically install when I restart my PC and plug in the programmer but this is unfortunately not the case. I assume that I did not sufficiently remove all the driver components to trick my PC to re-installing the drivers as though this was my 1st attempt. Can anyone tell me how I can purge all the remnants of these drivers so that I can attempt a successful re-install? Thanks for taking the time to read through my question. Hello Dean, Thank you for posting your question on Microsoft Community. I would like to know some information about the issue so that we could help you better. Does Jungo connectivity appear under Universal Bus service(USB) devices?