Intel Graphics Driver Update Windows 10

I have a Lenovo Z580 Ideapad laptop, with Intel HD 4000 graphics. It started as Win 8, and was upgraded to Win 10. It was working fine until the latest Win 10 Creators Update. Now the Intel graphics driver generates error Code 43, so Windows replaces it with a generic MS driver. I was using 2 monitors, but the MS generic driver does not seem to support that. Since the Win 10 update, I can only use one monitor, which is a major disappointment. I have tried several versions of the Intel driver (uninstalling the device and driver files each time): Latest from the Intel web site: 15.

Intel Graphics Driver Update Windows 10

(for Win 7, 8.1, and 10) Latest from the Lenovo web site: 9. (for Win 8.1, using Compatibility Mode) Whatever Windows Update installs All have the same problem.

This new driver also supports various Windows 10 features. Gravis Eliminator Aftershock Driver Windows 10 here. This release provides support for the following Intel CPUs: - 5th Generation Intel Core tags: Intel HD Graphics Driver 20. For Windows 10 Anniversary Update 64-bit, download Intel HD Graphics Driver 20. Realtek Audio Driver Windows 10 64 Bit on this page.

Sometimes when installing a new driver, the 2nd monitor will come alive briefly, then goes blank. If I Disable then Enable the Intel HD 4000 device, I get a message like: Display driver failed to start. Using Microsoft display driver. Obviously the latest Intel drivers are NOT compatible with Win 10 Creators edition. I might be able to roll back to the previous version of Win 10, but it will just update itself again later.

We no longer have control over Windows updates. It does it when it wants, whether we want it or not. This Intel Graphics Driver problem seems to be very common, but I have not seen a reliable solution yet.

Lenovo X61 Windows 10 Drivers. Any more ideas for how to fix this? Hi Jermon, Some functionalities can get affected after a recent feature update.