Focusrite Scarlett Solo Driver Windows 10

Focusrite Scarlett Solo Driver Windows 10

Windows 10 Compatibility. Please see below a run-down of Focusrite product compatibliity with Windows 10 as it currently stands. Scarlett Solo. Dell N5110 Windows 10 Drivers. Works with Windows 10? 2nd Gen Focusrite Scarlett Windows Driver. But my entire experience with the Focusrite Scarlett Solo 2nd gen was pretty bad and from my point of view the.

Hi Max- Sorry, I can't help with any of the interfaces you mentioned, but I'm sort of in the same boat with my Komplete Audio 6. The NI web site suggests holding off on Windows 10 until they've completed compatibility tests with the release version. Apparently they've been testing with pre-releases. I'm encouraged that they at least have come out with a statement, since when I checked last they hadn't mentioned Win 10 at all. I wonder if it would make sense to have a sticky with good/bad results with specific interfaces and Windows 10 once the results start coming in. Maybe not totally necessary, but I'm sure lots of folks will be checking in to see how others are faring once the dust starts to settle.

Couldn't hurt, I suppose, except I know some folks think you can never have too few stickies! Thanks- -Susan. The Windows 10 'Release Version' (10240) was finalized and released on July 10 to the 'Insiders' (Beta testers) and Vendors. That's plenty of time for most vendors, but some are dragging their feet. Roland, on their web site, has a list of hardware that they are testing Win 10 drivers.

I got the release version 10240 on July 10th (I'm in the Insider program) but sadly didn't test my Roland gear and assumed it was working since it worked early in the Beta versions. Sonar has never had a problem and even my old Frontier Tranzport works in Win 10, although I had to install it in a Vista Compatibility mode (had to do that on Win 8.1 too). Idt Driver Windows 10. For Roland, it looks like the drivers were coded for specific Windows versions and if that version is not detected it won't install. It seems like a fairly simple task to update the drivers to include Windows 10. The Windows 8/8.1 drivers will not even install if run in Windows 8 Compatibility mode.