Epson 3200 Scanner Driver Windows 10

How to Install Old Epson Perfection 1200 Scanner in Windows 10 Many. Drivers and Hardware: Windows 10 install freezes on driver install.

Epson 3200 Scanner Driver Windows 10

I've been experimenting with Windows 10 using a VM (VirtualBox) before upgrading. One challenge has been to see if I could get my old 1999 Epson Perfection 1200 scanner working in Windows 10 since Epson do not provide any 64 bit drivers. I discovered you can use the Epson 64 bit drivers for the Perfection 2400 and they work fine with the Perfection 1200. The Epson Scan program is fully functional for normal reflective scans and film scanning (if you have the attachment).

The built in Windows scan program also works. This fix also works in Windows 8. Lexmark X215 Driver Windows 10. Hi there not wishing to Hijack the thread - but if you don't mind paying and have an old legacy scanner then VUESCAN seems to work for loads and loads of older scanners including those nice canon LIDE film (negative) scanners. Of course another solution if the OP's excellent suggestion doesn't work is to use a VM --easier than dual booting of course.

Dell A920 Driver Windows 10. For those not familar with a VM -- install say VBOX or VMWARE PLAYER (both free) and on this install the legacy OS. Once the legacy OS is powered up - runs concurrently with your Host (W10) install old driver and away you go --plenty of documentation on VM's in the Virtualisation section of the Forum. You can also create a VM from a physical OS as well. Saves re-installing drivers etc. Cheers jimbo.