Dell Xps Touchpad Driver Windows 10

Cd Rom Driver Windows 10. I have Dell XPS M1330 product red, everything installs fine, but oddly enough, on every first start up, it seems like the touchpad driver is not being loaded. I have to reboot for touchpad to work. Not only is it every first startup, but if I did a reboot, touchpad would not be recognized again and I am forced to do another reboot at logon to get touchpad working again.

Dell Xps Touchpad Driver Windows 10

To make clear, touchpad works on every other even reboot, and doesn't on every other odd reboots. I should mention that I am running latest x64 RC version downloaded directly from MS. I'm having a similar problem. Since installing the Windows 7 RC x32 on my XPS M1330 a few weeks ago, I've been having a problem with the touchpad (or cursor) randomly locking up every couple of minutes or so. I can usually clear up the problem by rebooting. But after a short period of time the problem returns.

Occasionally the lock up is accompanied by a 'cycle' of the CD drive. It sounds like a CD is ejecting (no CD in the drive of course). I've tried the installing latest Vista x32 drivers from Synaptics ( 1/18/2008). The problem still occurs, maybe not quite as frequently. Previously I was running the Windows 7 Beta x64 and did not encounter this problem. Before I try a re-install with Windows 7 RC x64.

No response on the Dell Support page and haven't had an opportunity to call Dell (time difference). I reinstalled Windows 10, fresh install, on a Dell XPS 13 laptop. This package provides Dell Touchpad Driver and is supported on XPS Notebook L321X,L322X running the following Windows Operating System: Windows 10 64 bit. Hp Amd Graphics Driver For Windows 10.