Canon Solution Menu Ex Windows 10 Driver

I got the same message after installing the driver of my Canon printer on a computer running Windows 10 ('A driver supporting solution menu X not installed'). I then discovered that the initially downloaded driver (an.exe file) did not really add my Canon printer to 'Drivers and Printers' -- or did not connect the printer to the computer -- as I had thought. Driver For Ps3 Controller Windows 10. If your initially downloaded driver (the.exe file) was stored in your Downloads folder, you will notice that a subfolder carrying the name of this downloaded driver (the.exe file) was automatically created inside the Downloads folder. Sh 224db Driver Windows 10. Inside this subfolder you will find a Setup. Serial Ata Controller Driver Windows 10. exe file. You have to run thisĀ Setup.exe file (not the initially downloaded.exe driver file) to install the printer driver properly and to avoid the error messageĀ ' A driver supporting solution menu X not installed'. It is also important to have your printer switched on and to have its wire connected to a USB port on your computer while running Setup.exe. (That is if the printer is connected by USB wire.).

Canon Solution Menu Ex Driver For Windows 10