Belkin Serial To Usb Driver Windows 10

(Note: Mac Users may want to skip to the bottom) After a number of years my old Windows Vista 32 bit installation was a little worse for ware. Having a laptop capible of 64 bit I decided to upgrade to Window 7 64 bit.

Belkin Serial To Usb Driver Windows 10

After a fresh install of Windows 7, I began the process of installing drivers for the hardware I had. It wasn’t until I came to my trusty Belkin USB to Serial (RS232) converter, aka PDA adapter that I encountered a problem.

Recently upgraded to Windows 10 and noticed there was no driver available for the Belkin F5U257 USB to serial adapter on the below official link.

Garmin Usb Gps Driver Windows 10 on this page. After visiting ‘s website and looking up the driver page for the convertor, I discovered that Belkin didn’t support both Vista 64bit and Windows 7 64 bit. Here’s the details from their knowledge base page (can’t link it due to thier website design): “ Is the F5U409 USB PDA Adapter compatible with vista 64 bit?

No, this product is not compatible with vista 64 bit. It is compatible with Vista 32 bit computers. We do however have a similar adapter which is compatible with Vista 64 bit, you can use part F5U257 (USB-to-Serial Adapter).” What a rip off? Not only doesn’t Belkin support their old hardware they try and get me to buy their new hardware! Asus Tf101 Drivers Windows 10. Being a computer system administrator and programmer by trade, I knew there would be no physical reason the device would not work under a 64 bit operating system. It was down to Belkin not wanting to spend the time or money to update the driver. In most cases, it would simply be a recompilation of the existing driver.