Bcm20702a0 Driver Windows 10

I can't seem to find out what driver will remedeate the ' Other. Mystery device (BCM20702A0) in Device Manager. Windows 10; Enterprise Client. Get drivers and downloads for your Dell Latitude E6430. Create a USB recovery drive to reinstall the version of Windows or Linux that came with your device.

Bcm20702a0 Driver Windows 10

I have downloaded the drivers multiple times. Run normally and as administrator and it crashes at the same point every time. Ttl232r 3v3 Driver Windows 10. I tried going to broadcom and getting the drivers directly.

Running setup with their drivers fails to see the adapter and installation stops. I then dried to force the drivers by going into devide manager and manually installing drivers, but any driver I select (and there are a lot in the list from the broadcom installer) the device fails with Error Code 10 (could not start). I'm out of options here.

I eben did a complete malware and virus scan which came up clean. Only thing I am left with is taking the adapter back and getting a different brand. Msi Fx420 Drivers For Windows 10 on this page. Epson R290 Driver For Windows 10 on this page. On a side note I did get the device installed on my Win 8.1 laptop. I did not need to install the drivers myself as Win 8 found them on its own.

Hello Calabus, Thank you for responding! If Windows just will not recognize the Broadcomm driver, there is a Windows conflict that I will not have the information to troubleshoot for you unfortunately.

You 'may' check Microsoft support, as I know they were having some issues with Bluetooth 4.0, but if you have already looked into that, or are not inclined too, I completely understand. In that case returning the adapter within the 15 day money back period would be a completely viable answer, as the software for this unit is not seeming to work for you.

Regards, Jon Insignia™ Support. Hello, Thanks again for responding! In that case, I would suggest returning this unit and trying a different Bluetooth 4.0 adapter. It sounds like your computer doesn't want to use our driver. I'm sure the issue could be resolved, but I'm also sure the computer tech charges would cost way more than this particular adapter does. Now, one last possibility before you take it back, does your computer have a previous version of Bluetooth installed?