Audio Kontrol 1 Driver Windows 10

Audio Kontrol 1 Driver Windows 10

Based on the feedback on this thread. I'm giving it another shot. Usb Vga Display Adapter Driver Windows 10.

Dell Power Management Driver For Windows 10. Windows 10 (Page 4) — Audio Interfaces. Ancient Audio Kontrol 1 is proving. For win 10 to use a legacy driver until or if ever tc electronic restores.

So far the v driver is proving very unstable, and I get blue screen system crashes complaining about TCNear.sys. I might try to go all the way back to 2.5 and try that, but right now I need to actually get some work done, and believe it or not my ancient Audio Kontrol 1 is proving more stable than the Desktop Konnekt 6. Hoping we get a fix soon. This is really, really not cool.

Last edited by Karmamole (2015-08-06 22:06:38). I found this of interest using the “Windows Compatibility Centre” which was linked from the page “Compatibility report for Windows 10: FAQ”. In the Windows Compatibility Centre I searched for tc electronic and one result was returned “TC Electronic Desktop Konnekt 6 Audio Interface” with the note under the green tick – compatible - Free download required. That link went to Desktop Konnekt 6 Software with 3 choices Mac June 8 2015, x86 and x64 August 1 2014. The interface is FireWire 1394, bus powered. Now there are three possibilities for Windows to report compatibility, tc electronic gave MS the status, MS tested the hardware or a user posted the information. Makes you wonder if in desperation an install of this Konnekt 6 software for Konnekt 24D might elicit some result. Microsoft Bluetooth Driver For Windows 10.

I would caution anyone undertaking this action understand there could be irreversible damage to firmware and remotely electronic component damage. It would be interesting to know if any Konnekt 6 user updated the software and it works under windows 10 without doing a headstand in the corner and running around their work chair seven times chanting “please work”. URLs used in the above description. This article refers to someone with 8 installed and need to get their RME operating This is a brief piece from the article to save you following the link if you have already tried this method. “Locate these files from a Windows 7 machine: c: windows inf 1394.inf c: windows inf 1394.pnf c: windows system32 drivers 1394bus.sys c: windows system32 drivers 1394ohci.sys c: windows system32 drivers ohci1394.sys” Copy all these files into a folder of your choice This is the full forum article and while referring to Win 8 it might be a possibility for win 10 to use a legacy driver until or if ever tc electronic restores their reputation and provides a solution, even it is just putting pressure on the 3rd party developer re drivers.